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I am interested in teaching undergraduate probability and stochastic processes for engineers, a course on numerical and algorithmic optimization, and developing a special topics course about scalable nonparametric methods in supervised and reinforcement learning based on my doctoral research. A summary of my previous teaching experience is below.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

I was a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering for the following courses

  • ESE 224: Signal and Information Processing, Spring  2015 
  • ESE 605: Modern Convex Optimization, Spring 2014
  • ESE 301: Engineering Probability, Fall 2013

I also have completed a Teaching Certification from the Penn Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

I am interested in teaching undergraduate probability, calculus, optimization, linear algebra, and developing a special topics course about my doctoral research in the future. I also have a CTL Certification.

Washington University, St. Louis, MO

In the Mathematics Department, I was a tutor and grader for

  • Math 132: Calculus II
  • Math 233: Calculus III
  • Math 309: Matrix Algebra
  • Math 318: Calculus of Several Variables.


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